Clement Leibovitz - Physics

Published Physics Papers

  • Leibovitz & Kasha (1962) A simple method of photomultiplier tube calibration
  • Leibovitz & Peres (1963) Energy balance of uniformly accelerated charge
  • Kasha, Leibovitz, Oren, Reuter & Sitte (1965) Observations on Night-Sky Cerenkov Radiation in Extensive Air Showers. I. Experimental Arrangement and Results
  • Leibovitz (1969) Spherically Symmetric Static Solutions of Einstein's Equations
  • Leibovitz (1969) Rest Mass in Special Relativity
  • Leibovitz (1969) Junction conditions for spherically symmetric matter in co-moving co-ordinates
  • Leibovitz (1969) An exact solution for a static spherical shell of matter in vacuum
  • Leibovitz & Israel (1970) Maximum Efficiency of Energy Release in Spherical Collapse
  • Leibovitz (1970) A point mass in a Einstein Universe
  • Leibovitz (1970) An Oscillating State as an Alternative to Gravitaional Collapse
  • Leibovitz (1971) Time-Dependent Solutions of Einstein's Equations
  • Leibovitz & Hube (1971) On the Detection of Black Holes
  • Leibovitz (1972) Suggestion for a 'mapped', extension of APL
  • Leibovitz & Pinnington (1973) An upper limit to the number of invisible stars in the solar neighbourhood
  • Armitage, Chenier, Leibovitz, Precht & Zia (1976) Reorganization of the APL libraries
  • Leibovitz (1976) APL functions for numerical analysis
  • Leibovitz & Hube (1988) Variable G within a modified theory of general relativity

    Unpublished Physics Papers - Works in Progress

  • Leibovitz (2007) Physical Initial Conditions and the Machian Character of General Relativity